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Kate Through the Ages

The is the personal gallery of me, Kaitlyn Young, a transgender woman living in Toronto Canada. I have wanted to be a girl all my life, even as a child. As a child, I used to raid my mom's closet to try out her clothes, but it was only In 2002 that I started exploring my feminine side more seriously. What a liberating feeling it was. Think of this gallery as a visual record of me growing from a naive crossdresser to right now, a grown-up transwoman. It is true that to say that I am "grown up" is a bit exaggerated: I still have a tendency to do stupid and immature things.

UPDATE July 11, 2013: I have changed the permission of most of the older albums while I decide which ones to show to people, and which ones to permanently set to private. For those of you who are curious of what I'm actually doing, most likely the pictures that are not "G-rated" will all be set to private.

UPDATE July 1, 2013: Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and ex-pats. Photos from my recent trip to Vancouver are up, I have finished the captions in English. I have started translating the text into Chinese, but I'm not sure when I'll be finished with them.

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