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14 Days of Kate (Jan 2011)

This was one of my life experience of trying to live full time as a woman for, well, as long as I could. I had hope to go on for two weeks, but it ended up being much shorter than that. One of the reasons for my backing out was because it just took way too much time to get myself ready each morning, with all the time spent on shaving, plucking my eyebrow, make-up and trying on clothes and accessories. It is quite obvious that, after all these years, I just don't have the patience for it, and the only reason I spend any time on make up is to hide my boyish looks. I am convinced that if I had been a genetic woman, I wouldn't wear make up at all. As I wrapped up the last day of my adventure, I enjoyed a quiet dinner, looking and feeling like the woman that I think I should have been.

Anyway, when you immerse in living a certain way, you adjust for it. In those few days, I noticed some subtle changes to myself and my demeanor. As a woman, I found myself walking and sitting with a slightly different posture. I smiled more, and I was also calmer and less aggressive. When I walked, there was a more feminine sway that wasn't there before; and when I sat, I crossed my legs differently. I also slouched less. (Or do I just stick out my boobs more?) I was definitely more womanly. I have always been quite gender neutral in my demeanor, but I definitely leaned towards the feminine side over those few days. It was as if the female part of my brain got switched on, and it slowly but surely took over. I am still me, but a gentler version of me...and one that I rather like!

As for the pictures, they were taken on the first few days of this experiment, when I was trying out all the clothes. Seeing that there were more than a few days worth of outfits there, so it should be apparent that I didn't end up wearing all of them to work at the library. As such, the caption for the pictures are more of a fantasy than real.

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