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Athletic Woman

These pictures were taken in two separate occasions, once in August 2010 (outdoor), and the other one in January 2011 (indoor). The outdoor pictures were from a morning of jogging with a friend in a park in Thornhill, just north of Toronto. Normally jogging isn't my thing: I'm more into cycling. But jogging does indeed burn off calories much quicker than cycling, so on that day, jogging it was! I brought my camera along, because, well, I don't usually have my pictures taken in my less "feminine" attire. Some of those turned out quite nicely. The other set is from a morning in January 2011 when I stayed home to work out with my bike trainer. Yes, I only wore my sports bra and shorts that morning, and I didn't particular cared to be sexy or anything. Judging from the comments from people on Flickr though, I should rethink that point.

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