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Balcony (Oct/12)

October 25, 2012 was a particularly warm day—unusual for late October. Since it was also my day off, I decided to go out with my camera and tripod and get some pictures done. So I headed out to a park near my home instead. Afterall, it’s autumn in Canada, I should be able to get some nice colours in my pictures, right? Well, I managed to take a half dozen pictures at Muirhead Park before an old man across the street practically ran at me, demanding to know—in a very thick Italian accent—why I was there taking pictures. As if my standing in front of a camera posing isn’t obvious enough. Anyway, it was enough to scare me away and I drove home. That’s when I realize that I should really take advantage of the nice garden in my condo complex. I got more pictures taken in an outfit that I wore to a conference last month: white sheer blouse, tank top underneath, and my beige pencil skirt—I forgot about the name tag. I spent the rest of the afternoon in my condo. I also got quite a few pictures taken at my balcony…first wearing my maxi dress, then a satin slip [gasp] and then a black formal dress that I just absolutely love.

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