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Everyday Bra

These are my four favourite everyday bras that I wear most of the time. Which one do you like better? Is it
1. Baby blue cotton bra from La Senza (top left), or
2. Black t-shirt bra, also from La Senza (top right), or
3. Nude t-shirt bra from The Bay (lower left), or
4. Pink bra from Calvin Klein (lower right), or

5. do you think that I should wear something lacy and sexy all the time, or
6. how about I go everywhere braless, afterall, nothing beats the feeling of the bouncing boobs?

Leave your thoughts here!


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  • suhasini on 2012-Oct-31 01:19:22 suhasini said

    Any of the first 3 bras with a top that just a reveals a hint of the bra (just a hint) will be stunning! Suha
  • Lyn Robbins on 2012-Nov-18 15:35:45 Lyn Robbins said

    i tend to lean towards the baby blue bra. i like the cute design with the wires.
    i recently purchased a red satin bra, see my flickr page, "Dreamermann", it has push-up pads.
    you might like a recent photo, the secretary look, of my new black skirt with the round silver buckle.
    oh yes, and i had to wear my glasses to give it the official 'secretary' look. giggles
    i have a couple of photos in Ailana's flickr group "adorable T-girls".
  • Robbietga on 2014-Aug-14 20:54:10 Robbietga said

    I agree with Suhasini, any of the first three. (What was Calvin thinking?)

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