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Midsummer Day's Sexy Dreams (Jul 2012)

A few days going out to Richmond Green, I took another day off work. This time I wanted to walk around parts of downtown…I casually mentioned this to my friend, and he volunteered to come along to help me take pictures. He was meant to tag along to help me with pictures, but he more or less dragged me around. Seeing that this is becoming somewhat of a photo shoot, I decided to forego my usual casual look in favour of something sexier. I clearly didn’t think things through when I put on my sheerest blouse and my black bra for “that naughty secretary look”. He picked me up from my condo in his black Town Car, and it looked almost like he was my limo driver. I’m not even sure why he even owns a car like that: he is about 25 years younger the average owners. Anyway, we took pictures in the Distillery District, then headed east to Cherry Beach area, then towards Ashbridges Bay. One of the things I did that I have never done before, was to take off my blouse in broad day light, out in the open. Well, not in Distillery District—that would have attracted too much attention, with all the tourists around, but in more secluded areas at the other two spots. Eventually, I even took my bra off. Mind you, I am not taking hormones, and I don’t have any implants, so my friend and I (or any passersby, although there weren’t any) would clearly see that the two large lumps attached to my breasts are silicone breastforms. But after some work with Photoshop, it’s not so easy to tell! All the pictures from that afternoon are here. I am topless in some of the pictures, so be warned. You can see for yourself if Photoshop did its job.

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